ThinkLab is currently involved in three inter-connected developments
  1. The 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong (17-19 Feb)
  2. Student eportfolio leading into April Student-Parent conferencing on their development as learners
  3. Developing with subject departments a map of tasks that build on what can be obtained from a 1:1 learning environment
What connects these is the importance of shared, inclusive connections between teachers, school decision makers, and students as co-partners in learning.
The ThinkLab presentation at the conference reflects this through highlighting possible ways forward to strengthen a schools learning fabric. Ways that include
  • Real, Quantifiable Digital Learning Objectives
  • Horizontal teacher learning leadership groups
  • Teacher Learning approaches on par with resourcing
  • Connected Teacher Learning Plans
  • Flattened Review structures
  • Integrated student-teacher working relationships
  • Use of virtual communication, sharing communities, action teams
  • Structures that embed vision in a fast changing world
  • Online media learning strategy
Does you strategy for the future consider any of these to be of value, or do you have others to add. Your connected input would be appreciate
At our weekly teacher digital learning get together we conducted a social debate on the question: what balance should schools seek in their use of educational technologies? The three sides were (1) not enough use is being made of such technologies (2) there is too much use of digital technologies, and (3) the balance is just right. Observations that emerged included
  • that is was easier to argue that there is too much use based on teacher observations of inappropriate uses
  • that it was more difficult to argue for more use as it needed to promote unknowns and could be side-tracked from learning issues into this or that technology
  • that the current balance is but a point of time in fast-changing times that need constant re-evaluation
  • there was general agreement that the inclusion, active involvement of supported and respected teachers was integral to any worthwhile changes that might be contemplated being of optimal value.
Another interesting point is that the debate arose from issues raised by teachers through the VLE Moodle forum and from online readings. The exercise was credited with being a good example of how good learning can be achieved by working digital learning with face-to-face learning interactions. One teacher posted a record to the Moodle for those teachers who were otherwise occupied.