Larry Cuban, an eminent educationalist, blogs at Well worth following. On 23 Oct his blog entitled High Performing Teachers with Low-Tech Classrooms concluded that "High performing teachers use high-tech and low-tech to engage and reach their students here and abroad. Not either-or. So I end by repeating what has become a cliche but needs to be said again and again: Good teaching is not about access to and use of high-tech machines, it is about teacher knowing their subjects, establishing rapport with students, and prodding and supporting them to learn." My response was as follows "If the objective of school is to pass along closed, test-measurable knowledge then the assessments made here isareokay. If we are in a new world where knowledge is fluid, where the new Bloom’s taxonomy includes creativity at highest point of learning, and where the digital world is an integral part of our futures, then perhaps there is more to education that accepting digital as an optional add-on tool. The problem is we have not solved how this will ultimately play out, and are caught in the unknown. We need to look forward and deeper, not just back to what has arisen from industrial thinking."

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