This past week an eminent educationalist, Prof Larry Cuban, published in his blog "A Puzzling Fact about High-Tech Use in Classrooms" (see, that "with increased access to new technologies, there is little reliable and valid evidence showing that these technology investments have yielded gains in student achievement." He went on to look at infrequent use by teachers and possible limitations in research methodologies.

This issue of the actual value for learning of educational technologies within school will be one subject pursued by ThinkLab working with COETAIL teachers in the coming months. Further thoughts and outcomes will be reported here. We would be interested in any input followers of ThinkLab care to contribute

(COETAIL is the Certificate Of Educational Technologies And Information Literacies, a Master's program offered through The State University of New York at Buffalo. Nearly thirty Qatar Academy teachers have given up their time to work and learn together to advance not only there own learning, but organizational learning and action). Formal teacher learning structures (in conjunction with informal learning partnerships) within schools are seen by ThinkLab as one of the pillars for building digital learning appropriate for 21st Century schools.

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