On Saturday I attended an ictQatar seminar on open-source software. Headlined by some impressive leaders from Mozilla, Creative Commons and Google, their insights into the volunteering, open-nature of their product development, within  supportive, professional structures, pointed to an open-source philosophy of IT development and progress.
I saw this philosophy in action as we worked with students to set-up their school eportfolios over the past two weeks. Students were openly assisting and working with each other to problem-solve, share ideas, and improvement class understanding. This included working with the teacher in a FlatClassroom approach.
The importance of student involvement if class knowledge and action is to be progressed effectively should not be underestimated. Engagement, responsibility and purposeful adaptability are all elements that have come together in these eportfolio sessions. So too in the teacher development sessions I have attended. A strong digital learning culture can only be built on the strength of student and teacher inter-operability and respect. Open-source is more

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