Today's topic is seamless and engaged learning.
Recent digital learning discussions I have been involved in have focused on issues of distraction, teacher control and how best to get teachers involved through professional learning.
Against this, I have worked with a music teacher on a Gr 9 project where students created their own 'how-to; digital movie and with students creating their own graphic signature.
What I have noticed is little or no distraction, impressive levels of engaging and use of technical application, and an interest in showing what they are learning and producing. No better example than this than the Grade 9 boy who on his own volition posted his movie on youtube (see here).
Every student I have worked with move effortlessly between digital and physical environments as they constructed their learning outcomes.
Students want to be active learners and engaged beyond the classroom. They also will use physical and digital means where appropriate. We as educators should bear this in mind when devising learning opportunities.
How can we best add value to these new learning relationship?
One example might be in the Visual signature task where teacher intervention helped students understand the art potential of thinking beyond the box. This led to re-interpretations that took drawings from box shapes to cubism views. Powerful stuff.
Fig 1 (above) Student publishing to youtube as natural extension of learning

GFig 2 (left) Student visual signature

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