The value of 1:1 for learning is a topical and potentially critical issue for any school. A good insight into value, values and issues can be found in M. Dunleavy, S. Dexter, W.F. Heinecke (2007) What added value does a 1:1 student to laptop ratio bring to technology-supported teaching and learning?
ThinkLab is involved in translating some of this into action. This includes creating a curriculum bank of tasks that display characteristics of a good task / project for learning in a 1:1 environment? Such characteristics can involve:
  1. Student ownership of and responsibility through active involvement in their learning
  2. Building on students prior skills and understanding
  3. Digital learning value (in accessing, processing, organizing, communicating information across media = beyond “use Powerpoint, Word and/or Web info”)
  4. Availability of student work beyond purely to teacher (such as student eportfolios)
  5. Academic integrity
  6. Learning integrity (in that all students can benefit from the task / project)
  7. Support for “21st Century learning” objectives: collaboration, creativity, information fluency, problem solving, digital citizenship, technology concepts
  8.  Use of digital learning environments that support individual cognitive development (eg Mathletics, Online Help or tutorials)
  9. Development of communities of learners
  10. Formative assessments that support deep learning

We would be interested in your comments or additions.
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